oh hey there {and leisure wear}

“I know you’re alive because you posted a picture of food the other day. At least I know you’re eating.” – concerned friend and fellow wine lover

Yes, definitely eating.

Ok so, no, I haven’t moved into a tent made of sheet masks in the back of Sephora (yet). But at least I have a back-up plan. I mean, I would be so moisturized and youthful. 

At the beginning of spring, I contemplated freelance (as you faithful readers may know) and quickly realized that was not my jam at the moment (but maybe in the future). Instead I decided that I needed to take a few mini trips to clear my head.

Here’s a picture of me from Spring:

And another one from the Summer:

And a picture of me literally right now:

And a video that some Aussies made of my every day life right now:

So, darling friends, I have only one request: Please send good thoughts of success, money, jobs, amazingness (and obviously fame) because I have a phone interview with a recruiter today. K?

In return, I’ll try to entertain you … while also pretending this is a substitute for human contact during the work day.

Love you,

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