hair talk monday: george washington + product love

Happy President’s Day! Did you know that George Washington actually never wore a wig? Whhhaaaa? Count me among the few who just learned this today. Since today’s post is about hair and today is Prez Day, I was curious how exactly GW created that luscious sculpture of hair. You’ll find out at the end of this post. And, believe me, it’s well beyond (or at least rivals) the routine of any woman today. We can also all agree that the big #1 basically invented the now infamous concept of dry shampoo, as he wore powder every day to cover up the smell and oil from not washing for an undetermined amount of time.

Look at my insanely glorious locks!!,” he said to his portrait artist:

When I picked up my Bumble & bumble Prep this weekend to get ready to mist all of its glory on my hair, I acknowledged that I pretty much own this product just for the delicious smell. And the routine. I love the routine of it. And the smell is light, refreshing, calming and exciting all at once. At the end of the day, I will be the first to admit there is a solid chance I’m just spraying water onto my already wet hair from the shower.

The magical fairy water: 

Here is the description of the product, from
The ultimate pre-styler.

  • What: This nutrient-rich detangler reveals texture, enhances the performance of styling products and refreshes already styled hair.
  • Who: Anyone; best for ultra-fine, limp, relatively healthy hair.
  • When: When hair is damp to detangle and prepare hair for styling; anytime to dampen and reactivate products already in hair.
  • How: Spray liberally and evenly (it’s impossible to use too much) on damp hair and work through.

And now let’s break it down
– What: When I use this lovely mist, I imagine it wrapping its arms around all my lock, giving it little kisses and preparing it to receive other such wonderful products. Too much? It’s real.
– Who: My hair is not ultra-fine, limp, and not healthy in any way, shape or form. It’s super damaged, thick, and color treated. But this mist gives it extra love and fills it with a sweet little “vitamin boost”. Also real (maybe?). 
– When: I apply this to my hair right after washing and towel-drying. My hair is already wet, so I like making it even more wet with perfumed salon water. Derek Zoolander said it best: 

– And, finally, How: It’s impossible to use too much (as the package says) because … it’s water. And I love it.

No pressure you guys, but I would love to know if you own any products that are pretty much hot air but that you adore with all your heart and literally could not live without??

And, as promised, below is the link to the awesome article about George Washington’s hair routine featuring the coolest illustrations by Wendy Macnaughton!! I really want to put one in this blog post, but I don’t want to get hunted down by National Geographic or by Wendy (even though she seems like someone I really want to be BFFs with).

Click here for the entire beautiful hair routine of G.W.
 complete with awesome and super entertaining illustrations! Love a little art interlude on the blog!

Happy Summer Day (again)! It’s now 56 degrees … at 10 a.m. … in February … in Virginia. Enjoy all of it.



4 thoughts on “hair talk monday: george washington + product love

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  1. I have an entire shelf of B&B products and love them. My fav is Brilliantine. I literally can’t live without it. I try other brands just for fun from time to time but always go back to the BBs in the end. 🐝

  2. I have an entire shelf of B&B products and love them. My fav is Brilliantine. I literally can’t live without it. I try other brands just for fun from time to time but always go back to the BBs in the end. 🐝

  3. I don’t think I use any products that don’t work in some way or other (that doesn’t mean that they do though). Newly obsessed with the Davines Oi line and also EVOLVh SmartVolume for my flat-ass hair, which all smell amazing. BUT I do admit I use Marrakesh oil styling elixir mostly for the smell (even tho it does work). And after I rub it into my hair, I rub whatevers left on the back of my neck. Super delish masculine heaven. Mmmm.

  4. I could cry reading this. I do not know anything about hair, how to make my 50% loss of hair look like I lost 25% from my new meds of 2016….. It is super short right now as I am trying to grow it out and be able to do something with this ‘straw head’ and have NO IDEA what to use so I use nothing and it’s just a big fluff that I air dry. I have zero talent or knowledge and all the options freak me out. I wash it with this organic $25.00 Lipogaine Big 3 product for thinning loss of hair type people and then I try not to look in the mirror for 24hrs as it air drys. I don’t know how to use anything other than a blow dryer with my fingers. Will google Evolvh Smart Volume if it’s about thickening which is what I need. If I go to a salon they actually make my no hair look OK but I have NO TALENT and just pin it up. :*(

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